Chronulator chronulates your day

March 30, 2009 . by John Biggs

This DIY item uses two standard dials and some odd telegraph keys to create something that looks like it belongs on the bridge of the Enterprise, circa 1801. The clock uses parts from ShareBrained and a tea box attached to some custom-engraved metal plates – actually curtain rod ends.

Video: Tag Heuer Caliper Chrono Ti2 is truly weird

March 27, 2009 . by John Biggs

Another bit of news from Tag is the RS2 Caliper chrono Ti2 running the Caliber 36 movement for 1/10th of a second accuracy. The 36 isn’t new – it appeared in 2008 – but the “caliper” system is quite interesting. The dashboard is a stylish black 43mm dial designed for optimum readability and information. The…

Tag Heuer launches concept Monaco at Basel this year

March 27, 2009 . by John Biggs

Tag has launched a number of retreads and a new concept at Basel this year. The Monaco chronograph, worn by Steve McQueen in the movie Le Mans way back in 1971, is a TH stalwart and they’ve been tweaking the timeless design for years. This year they have a concept chrono with 36,000 bph movement…

Watch predicts when bad things are going to happen

March 25, 2009 . by John Biggs

I’m not sure if this was supposed to be ironic or if it’s serious, but Borgeaud watches have created something rather interesting. It’s an analog watch that contains the “Rahu complication”. What the watch is supposed to do is synchronize with and ancient Indian almanac, and provide you with a warning when it’s a bad…

Breitling announces Chronomat B01

March 25, 2009 . by John Biggs

Breitling announced their new chronograph today, just in time for Baselworld 2009. Called the Chronomat B01, I have to say this has got to be the nicest looking Breitling I’ve seen so far. It’s a redesign of their popular Chronomat model, and it’s got some very attractive features. The first thing that jumps out is…

Concord C1 QuantumGravity goes OMG all over the Internet

March 20, 2009 . by John Biggs

WatchLuxus went all BLORP on the C1 QuantumGravity press release and sent us some huge pictures of this amazing and strange watch. While the release itself is pure jibberish (“An aerial bi-axial tourbillon mechanism. A vertical power reserve. Individualist seconds. A stripped-down dial and spectacular volumes: the latest specimen from the C Lab Series defies…

Hamilton Khaki Conservation watch is tasteful and eco-friendly

March 11, 2009 . by John Biggs

Hamilton recently teamed up with Conservation International and Harrison Ford to create the “Khaki Conservation” edition. They’ve created a “eco-friendly” version of the Khaki Navy GMT with special design elements. It’s a limited edition using recycled material for the packaging, and Hamilton has pledged to donate the proceeds to Conservation International. The movement is a…