Hourtime Show 8 – Christmas Memories

December 31, 2009 . by John Biggs

Here’s another red-hot watch podcast for all you watch fans out there. Happy Holidays and enjoy.

Bathys announces new Bomb Timer

December 21, 2009 . by John Biggs

Bathys sent out their Christmas letter the other day, and included a sneak peek at their newest project, the Bomb Timer. Designed as an homage to the timers used in WWII era bombers, the Bomb Timer is quite the timepiece.

A Closer Look at the U-Boat Classico U-1001

December 17, 2009 . by John Biggs

While most U-Boat sales are for the basic Classicos and Flightdeck chronos, I find that Italo Fontana (U-Boat’s founder and designer) really gets to flex his design muscles with off-beat pieces like the U-1001. As with most U-Boat watches the U-1001 is not suited for everyone, but perfect for some. It is a large watch…

25% off Skagen watches for the holidays

December 17, 2009 . by John Biggs

Our friends at Skagen have offered our readers 25% off their watches from now until December 31 which means you can order even after Christmas and pretend the order was held up at the post office.

HourTime Episode 7: For the Holidays

December 15, 2009 . by John Biggs

I hope you guys are enjoying this podcast. We have a blast putting it together and this episode we talk about some great watches for you and yours along with some real junk.

The Buran Stingray: Big

December 14, 2009 . by John Biggs

I’ve been lax in my coverage of Russian watches lately. Most Russians do not have, how you say, very high quality but they have lots of features and plenty of style. This dude at Russia2All covers the Buran Stingray, a diver that looks like someone stole the depth gauge off of a Victorian-era submersible. This…

New HourTime Podcast featuring the ugliest watch in the world

December 14, 2009 . by John Biggs

Another episode of the HourTime podcast is ready to roll, people, and it’s a doozy. This one talks about the ugliest watch in the world as well as a huge cover-up by TAG Heuer. Get your watch nerdery on!