And The AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Winner Is…

March 31, 2014 . by Patrick Kansa

This was one of our most popular giveaways to date – you all really seem to dig the AVI-8 stuff.  Want to know if you’re the winner?  Well, then, read on!

Ocean 7 LM-8 Professional Deep Diver, Hands On

March 31, 2014 . by Matt Himmelstein

Ocean 7 was nice enough to ship out their LM-8 Professional Deep Diver watch for a review, and I was able to spend a few days with it. The first thing you notice when you take it out of the box is that this watch is substantial, which is to be expected for a watch rated to 2,000 meters. OK, it is more than substantial, it is heavy. And big. There is a possibility that I have held heavier wrist watches (I am sure there are some beasts out there that I have not seen as well), but if I have, it was not by much. The stainless bracelet that comes with the watch is also substantial, requiring the removal of three links to make it wearable for me. Thankfully, the bracelet uses screw in pins, not push pins, so removal is easily and safely done with a small screwdriver. I really appreciated this touch. Once on, the weight is not really that noticeable in every day wear, you know it is there, but it is not a big deal. Now, I wouldn’t take this out on the golf course, there I think the weight would mess up my swing (and it does not need to be messed up any more than it is), but it isn’t weighing down my arm down or causing any fatigue.

Historical Horology: A Little Bit about Frédéric Piguet

March 30, 2014 . by Patrick Kansa

Frédéric Piguet has as their claim to fame (well, at least one of their claims) for having produced what was, at the time, the thinnest hand-wound chronograph movement in their Calibre 1180. First introduced in 1987, the 1180 measured in at only 3.95 mm. This was a risky move at the time, as quartz watches were still all the rage at this point.
The move, as it turns out, was quite a prescient one. Not only have mechanical watches had a comeback, the 1180 has become the basis for many other brands’ chronographs, especially once the automatic version (the calibre 1185) was introduced.

Watching the Web for March 29, 2014

March 29, 2014 . by Patrick Kansa

Welcome back to our weekly installment, where we have a quick look at some interesting watches and articles that have popped up over the last week, as well as taking a second look at what some of our more popular articles this week were. Today, we’ll touch on the watch flood known as BaselWorld first thing. Then, we’ve got some history on a brand that has come on strong in the past year, as well as a wrist watch that actually has a functional hourglass in it. After those, we’ll highlight (as usual) some of our more popular posts from the last week. Read on to see what we’ve got in store for you.

Ressence, Simplified

March 28, 2014 . by Matt Himmelstein

The Ressence Type 3 watch was shown last year as BasselWorld and received a lot of press and even the Revelation Watch Prize at last tear's Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix. It was one sexy watch, really unlike anything else on the market. The closest looking product on the market would be a smart watch with e-ink, but the Ressance is pure mechanical watchmaking beauty. Now, in time for BasselWorld 2014 comes the Type 1 from Ressance.

Amazon Has A Nice Watch Box Deal today

March 27, 2014 . by Patrick Kansa

If you’ve been thinking about picking up a new watch box, then Amazon’s Gold Box deal will likely be of interest to you.  They’ve got a 5-slot Wolf Designs watch box on sale today.  Normally it goes for $75, but you can snag it for only $49 (here), while their stock lasts.     Thanks to…

Introducing the Dubey & Schaldenbrand Coeur Blanc

March 27, 2014 . by Patrick Kansa

We’ve featured Dubey & Schaldenbrand on these pages before, bringing attention to their luxury timepieces (link to review). Well, their latest model takes things in a much different direction than we’ve seen from them previously, with a watch that practically looks like it’s made of diamond. Now, for those who know me (or have been reading here for some time), you know that I’m not normally a fan of flashy watches. Sure, I appreciate some polished surfaces and bevels that catch the light to liven up a piece, but I’ve never found myself drawn to a watch that featured gems (diamonds or otherwise) as a way of catching the light.