Accutron has just announced two new Spaceview 2020 models featuring “43.5mm polished stainless-steel case with green transparent open-work dial with transparent outer ring, white hour and minute hands with Super-LumiNova center and orange second hand, domed double box sapphire crystal and water resistance to 50m.”

The new models cost about $3,850 and run on electrostatic electricity.

Accutron’s Spaceview watches are an important part of watchmaking history, notable for their unique technology and design. Introduced in 1960 by Bulova, the Spaceview was among the first watches to use an electronic tuning fork movement instead of traditional mechanical gears and springs. This new movement relied on a battery-powered tuning fork that vibrated at a constant frequency, providing more accurate timekeeping than many of its mechanical counterparts at the time, with deviations less than a minute per month under normal conditions.

The design of the Spaceview was also distinctive, featuring an open face that revealed the inner workings of the tuning fork movement. This design initially served as a demonstration model for retailers to showcase the innovative technology. However, consumer interest in the exposed movement led Bulova to produce and sell Spaceview watches to the public. The watch’s unique appearance, characterized by its lack of a traditional dial and visible electronic components, set it apart in the market.

Throughout its history, the Spaceview has undergone various updates and iterations, adapting to changes in watchmaking technology while retaining its signature open design. Although the original tuning fork technology has been surpassed in accuracy by modern quartz movements, the Spaceview remains a symbol of innovation during its era. It continues to be appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts for its role in advancing watch technology and its distinctive aesthetic.

The modern Spaceview models feature dial electrostatic rotors that power the watch and move the seconds hand in a smooth sweep motion. The watches are generally very very cool even if they are basically quartz timepieces with a few built-in gimmicks. But for folks looking for that real Men In Black flavor, you really can’t go wrong with Accutron.

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Last Update: March 7, 2024

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