Aerotec is a fairly small micro-brand that is doing some interesting things with watch design. Their latest project, the Black Label Aero Dive watch features a lovely, rugged design with a clever micro-adjusting clasp design, boldface, and – get this – a luminous “A” on the buckle and crown.

Black Label Aero Dive Watch: Price

Given the price points for Aerotec’s other watches – including their lovely GMT – this should hit the $500 mark when it launches on Kickstarter on October 3. Folks who sign up to be notified and pre-pay $2 will get a free keychain and priority with their purchase.

Aerotec Black Label Aero Dive Watch
Aerotec Black Label Aero Dive Watch
Aerotec Black Label Aero Dive Watch

The watch looks great and it’s nice to support the smaller manufacturers, especially ones that price their wares sanely and well. We’re looking forward to reviewing this beefy and nice-looking diver.

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