Casio has unveiled its newest entrant into the Vintage collection – the Casio Café Kitsuné A168WECK-7A wrist watch. But here’s where it gets thrilling. This isn’t just another release; it’s a unique marriage of horology and café culture, resulting from a collaboration with none other than the iconic specialty coffee retailer, Café Kitsuné.

A Peek Into the A168WECK-7A

Drawing from the suave style of Café Kitsuné, this watch is more than just a time-telling instrument; it’s a statement. Whether you’re on your daily caffeine run or jazzing up for an evening rendezvous, the A168WECK-7A is set to be your wrist’s best companion.

Its design narrative goes deeper, though. Fans of Casio’s vintage line would recognize the tribute to the original A168 series. The watch sports a sleek silver, stainless steel band reminiscent of timeless Parisian architectural marvels. But that’s not all. The cream-colored dial married with an orange LCD is not just a design choice; it’s an ode to the shades that grace Café Kitsuné outlets globally.

For those who appreciate the subtleties, the Café Kitsuné logo isn’t just slapped onto the watch. It seamlessly integrates with the dial design. Moreover, the brand’s fox logo – a symbol in itself – makes a sly appearance on the buckle and finds a more pronounced spot on the case back.

Price and Availability

This isn’t just a pretty face. The Casio Vintage x Café Kitsuné watch is crafted keeping utility at the forefront. Suitable for both men and women, it’s lightweight, ensuring your wrist doesn’t feel weighed down. It promises resilience with water resistance and illuminates your time-checking endeavors with a luminous EL backlight. Add to that a daily alarm, a precise stopwatch, hourly nudges, and an auto-calendar – this timepiece ensures you’re always on point.

Come September 6th, this retro gem will be up for available at $99.95, exclusively on

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Last Update: October 17, 2023