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Introducing the Hamtun Kraken H3

Today is an exciting day, because it’s the day that the Hamtun Kraken H3 is being announced to the world. I feel like we’ve been along with Ross Davis right from when he first kicked off his brand, and now we’re pleased to see this third edition hitting the Kickstarter block.

You have just 7 days to back the Hamtun H2 Kraken

Oh, sure. I could have led with some awful “release the Kraken” comment. I could have resorted to that sophomoric sort of humor, or I could have referenced the epic film of my youth, Clash of the Titans. “The Kraken is the end of us. A colossal, elemental beast. Even the gods fear it.”

And it’s true. The Kraken’s gaping maw of teeth, and the ability to destroy whole cities, lives on in that madman’s mind, Hamtun’s creator Ross Davis, and the H2 dive watch named humbly, The Kraken.

The Hamtun Neon shines like starlight

Each day is a push uphill to try and maintain the same amount of accomplishment as the day before.
And then a brief, bright spot in an otherwise uneventful existence shines through. Today, that spot is the Hamtun NEON.