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Let the sky fall… this is the Monta Skyquest

While I cannot say I paid super-close attention to every release that came out of BaselWorld, there were a few that followed very, very closely.  One was, of course, the Tudor Black Bay GMT announcement, which I know has been a little divisive for some.  One of the others was also a GMT release, from a brand I just recently got acquainted with – Monta.  Of course, it helps that when I heard of the Monta Skyquest, I immediately had the Skyfall theme running in my head (apologies for the ear worm).

The Monta Triumph takes the field

Monta is a brand I’ve been following for a bit on Instagram.  When they came to Chicago for a Redbar event, I unfortunately couldn’t make it out.  Then I caught word of one of their series selling out.  It was at that point, I figured that it never hurts to ask (about a review loaner).  The worst that could happen would be they say “no, not right now.”  However, the exact opposite happened. Shortly thereafter, we had a Monta Triumph winging it’s way up from St. Louis, and here we are with a review.