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An affordable tritium option: Nite Alpha


Yesterday, we took another foray into the Ball Watch catalog, which of course features tritium tubes at the core of the design. While those are lovely to aspire to, we acknowledge that those may be a bit too pricey for many folks. Want something a bit more affordable? Then consider the Nite Alpha.

Hands on with the Nite Alpha-202

Tritium watches have always fascinated me. I have reviewed both Traser and Isobrite. So when I got the chance to review this Nite Alpha watch, I was pretty excited. This watch has two things I like most; tritium gas tubes, and it’s a dive watch. I wore this watch for a week straight and so far this has been a great watch for me. Read on and see if you feel the same.

Introducing the Nite Icon Automatic


If you are a fan of watches that light up the night, you have plenty of options.  There are the heavily-lumed watches to go for (such as the Seiko Monster), or you can go in a different direction, with watches that rely on tritium tubes for their illumination.  One of the brands we have featured in the past with these tubes is British company Nite Watches.  Until now, all of their watches have featured quartz movements.  That changes with the launch of the Nite Icon Automatic.

The Nite Icon T100 Review

Tritium-equipped watches are nothing new to these pages. We have taken a look at a few different brands and varieties over the past few years, and I always have come away enamored with the light output (and colors of said light) of the watches. Today, we have got something a bit different with regards to the tubes used. For the first time here, we will be featuring a watch that has flat tritium tubes – the Nite Icon T100.

The Nite MX10-400T Watch Review


Nite-MX10-400T (6)

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured Nite on these pages (here), but we’re back with one of their latest, in a color scheme that’s ready for the changing colors of fall.

REVIEW: Nite Vision VS2



The last time we had Nite on these pages (here), I was bringing your attention to one of their discontinued models, the Icon IC4.  That one featured unconventional styling (for a tritium model), and today’s review sample manages to break from the norm a bit as well.