A Boschett Holiday Discount

September 2, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

Just a quick an easy one for you – Boschett is running a sale September 2 – 6, with discounts running up to 40% off.    boschett-timepieces.com

Psst! Want a discount on a Prometheus?

August 2, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

Hey! Yeah, you pal! I saw you checking out those Prometheus watches. They’re nice, aren’t they? I’ve handled several, and they’re as nice in person as they are in the photos. Lucky for you, the WIS community has declared August 10th to be microbrand day, and Prometheus is celebrating.

Touch of Modern deal on Ballast watches

April 11, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

Hey, so you know how earlier today we gave you a hands-on look at what the relaunched Ballast watches are going to look like? Well, coincidental as it may be, Touch of Modern has a sale running on a bunch of the current Ballast models. They may not have that slick bezel interface, but a lot of the styling cues remain the same, with pricing starting off at $159.

Some Touch of Modern Watch Sales

February 22, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

It should go without saying, but Touch of Modern also has some rather nice watch sales going on right now as well.

A Sale on Xetum

February 22, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

Xetum is a brand that we have long liked here at WWR, and when we caught word of a sale, that made an interesting watch all the more appealing.

Go Deep with the Deep Blue Sea Quest Automatic Diver 1500m

February 12, 2016 . by Ken Nichols

Deep Blue Watches in New York has another deep-dive watch called the Sea Quest Automatic and this guy has the weight and the rating to go nearly a mile underwater. This company has been around for 9 years now and aspires to be known as the accurate water resistant watch maker. The Deep Blue Sea Quest might do it with its Miyota-powered, stainless diver rating of 1,500m/5,000ft.

Introducing the New Deep Blue Master 1000m Automatic

January 13, 2016 . by Ken Nichols

New Deep Blue Master 1000m Automatic divers watch