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Introducing the New Deep Blue Master 1000m Automatic

Deep Blue Watches wants to extend your holiday gift-giving (or -getting) with their new Deep Blue Master 1000’ Automatic. This stainless steel beast, like many of their models, comes equipped to go deep.

Black Friday and Holiday Deals – Updated, Again

Present BannerBlack Friday deals are in full swing, and the watch companies out there do not want to be forgotten.  We have already mentioned discounts from Lew & Huey and on the Tempest Viking V2, but here are a few more Black Friday and Holiday Deals designed to get a new watch on your (or a loved one’s) wrist.  And if none of these watches tickle your fancy, you can also check out our 2015 WWR Holiday Gift Guide.

Lew and Huey Black Friday Sale Comes Early

Lew and Huey Cerberus 01Black Friday, Cyber Monday, doorbusters on Thanksgiving itself, this is the start of the discount season, at least here in the US, and Lew and Huey and getting on on the excitement.  From now through December 1, the brand is giving a discount of $100 on any Acionna or the Spectre, $75 on any Cerberus, and $50 on the Orange/Blue and Red/Gray Orthos.

Conqueror Watch Company Opalus, A Sly Chronograph

Conqueror Opalus 4Chronographs are popular complications, but I wonder just how useful they are.  Sure, I have one, but I don’t really use the chrono feature, I just like the look of the watch.  Well, the Conqueror Watch Company Opalus takes the chrono and puts it into the background, leaving the central second hand as, well, a second hand.  The watch itself is comfortable and attractive, walking a nice line between dressy and sporty.

Hexa Osprey Watches on Touch of Modern

Hexa Osprey 01With the holidays right around the corner, we are going to be highlighting sales from time to time, and I wanted to bring this one to your attention.  Touch of Modern is a membership site that runs short duration sales, usually for about a week.  If you are not yet a member, you can join through this link, it is free.  Through November 11 at noon Pacific, the site is having a sale on Hexa Osprey Dive watches.

Back to School Discount on Gavox and Techne Watches

Gavox-Aurora-FeaturedAre the kids having difficulty with making it to class on time now that school is back?  Are you forgetting to pick them up?  Or do you just want a discount on a great looking watch?  Now through October 11 the web retailer Time2Give is offering a 15% back to school discount on Gavox and Techne watches.  All you need to do is pick your watch and then enter the code “backtoschool” in the voucher spot on the bottom of the shopping basket page.Gavox-Squadron-01Patrick has had the chance to look at a the Gavox Aurora, a multi-function world timer, and the Squadron, a military spec watch for civilian sale.  We also had the opportunity to give away a Legacy Navy.  The Gavox line is well built and certainly shows off it ties to current military and aviation applications.

Techne GosHawk 01Techne is another brand that we like at WWR, and both Patrick and I have had the chance to look at various models.  Again, there is a solid connection to aviation and military roots, with a strong instrument look to the watch throughout the line.

Techne-SparrowHawk-II-Miyota-FeaturedCheck out the line-up at Time2Give and  make sure you enter the code “backtoschool” to get your 15% back to school discount on Gavox and Techne Watches.


The Ferro Distinct Single Hand Watch, Perfect for a Road Trip

Ferro Distinct Single Hand02So why do we wear watches?  The obvious answer is that we want to know what time it is, but that begs the follow up question, why do you want to know what time it is.  Maybe you have a date, a meeting, your parking meter is going to expire in an hour…  But what if you just want to know the approximate time?  Say, plus or minus 10 minutes.  Like, when you are driving.  It does not matter what time it is, you will get there when you get there.  The Ferro Distinct Single Hand Watch, with it’s motoring look, is the perfect watch for those times in your lives.

A Discount on Xetum



We like Xetum watches here at WWR, and, as a matter of fact, we have another review on their watches that you’ll be seeing in a few days (that’s what the image above is from).  You know what can make a great watch even better?  A discount, that’s what, and that is what Xetum has in store for us.

A Tidy Sale on Two Boschett Watches



While it’s been awhile since we reviewed the Boschett Reef Ranger and Cave Dweller, when word of this sale came up, I knew I needed to share it out.  Sure, you may not need two watches yourself, but I’m sure you can find someone to share the other with.  And, if you do pick up this package deal, be sure to let us know how the Legacy is.

Deep Blue Sun Diver 1K, More Meters per Dollar

Deep Blue Sun Diver 02Overbuilt dive watches are not very rare.  Inexpensive dive watches, even ones with automatic movements are not super hard to come across.  But an overbuilt diver for less than $250 (currently on sale), those are not all that common.  But this is what we find with the Deep Blue Sun Diver 1K dive watch.  Patrick has looked at a couple of Deep Blue watches previously, but all have been north of $500.