Hourtime Show: Grand Seikos, Polish Airforce watches, and time-telling cufflinks

July 13, 2017 . by Victor Marks

The grandest of all Seiko. The Polish Airforce and watches that honor it. And real, time-telling watch cufflinks. These things have nothing to do with each other, but we like them all, all on this HourTime podcast!

Hourtime Show: Graham, and leather flip flops from baseball gloves

June 14, 2017 . by Victor Marks

Cheap three-hand watches, Apple watches, and where the world is headed. And we’re doing you, our readers a service by showing off the best in things beside watches – including footwear made from baseball gloves.

Hourtime Show: Out here in the fields (watches)

May 26, 2017 . by Victor Marks

We see a ton of dive watches, and a number of minimalist watches, but fewer and fewer field watches – until now, when two cross our desk at the same time. Is this the sign of more things to come?

Hourtime Show: What’s All This Talk That Breitling Got Bought?

May 12, 2017 . by Victor Marks

What’s all this talk that Breitling got bought? I’d rather outline my body in white chalk

Hourtime Show: A Rant to Remember

May 9, 2017 . by Victor Marks

An Isofrane for the JLC, and John tolerates one last rant from Victor, on a Swiss watch company that takes shortcuts.

The Hourtime boys go back in time

April 13, 2017 . by John Biggs

This week on the Hourtime Podcast we talk about Junghans, AVI-8, sweet rings, and Bremont. Plus John has a crisis of faith and is talked off the edge by Victor. Direct MP3 Download • The HourTime Show on iTunes • RSS Feed • Listen on Stitcher

Hourtime goes to Macedonia

April 6, 2017 . by John Biggs

Another week, another podcast. This week Victor and I talk about Tudor, Panzera, and SD-09 as well as an amazing story about Macedonian watchmaking. Welcome to the HourTime show, the best 30 minute (+/-) hour podcast on the web. Direct MP3 Download • The HourTime Show on iTunes • RSS Feed • Listen on Stitcher