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HourTime Show: Bell&Ross, Stockholm, bubble watches, and Devil Rays


John and Victor talk over the most expensive Bell&Ross ever, the Sjoo Sandstrom, and the NTH Devil Ray. Also, win a watch from us!

HourTime Show: John Keil of WatchGauge and the best in MicroBrands!


John Keil of WatchGauge stops in to tell us about the best things going on in micro brands, what makes the watch world exciting right now, and how he plans to make a million dollars.

HourTime Podcast: listen for free watch!


John and Victor discuss the Archimede GMT, Kickstarters who aren’t ETA snobs, and how you too, can get a free watch from John. Free watch? FREE WATCH!

HourTime Podcast: Casio Worldtimers, Bitcoin, Carl F. Bucherer, and Orsto!


John and Victor are back in this episode about the easiest to use worldtimers from Casio, a ‘bitcoin’ watch, Carl F. Bucherer divers, and Orsto. All on this HourTime podcast!

Hourtime Show: Grand Seikos, Polish Airforce watches, and time-telling cufflinks


The grandest of all Seiko. The Polish Airforce and watches that honor it. And real, time-telling watch cufflinks. These things have nothing to do with each other, but we like them all, all on this HourTime podcast!

Hourtime Show: Graham, and leather flip flops from baseball gloves

Cheap three-hand watches, Apple watches, and where the world is headed. And we’re doing you, our readers a service by showing off the best in things beside watches – including footwear made from baseball gloves.

Hourtime Show: Out here in the fields (watches)


We see a ton of dive watches, and a number of minimalist watches, but fewer and fewer field watches – until now, when two cross our desk at the same time. Is this the sign of more things to come?

Hourtime Show: A Rant to Remember

An Isofrane for the JLC, and John tolerates one last rant from Victor, on a Swiss watch company that takes shortcuts.

The Hourtime boys go back in time

This week on the Hourtime Podcast we talk about Junghans, AVI-8, sweet rings, and Bremont. Plus John has a crisis of faith and is talked off the edge by Victor.

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