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Introducing: The Mondaine Evo2

Mondaine is releasing a new version of it’s classic Swiss Railways watch called the Evo2. Build on a Swiss Ronda 513 quartz movement, the 43 mm watch has the same Bauhaus design of the original Mondaines but in a much bigger size.

In review: Aquatico Poseidon Blue Ceramic diver

Over the past few years, I have reviewed several Aquatico watches. So far, none of them have disappointed me, which means I’m always up for checking out their new stuff. Being a diver I don’t just like the look of a good dive watch, I also want one that I can actually use for its intended purpose. The vintage no nonsense look of the Aquatico Poseidon really appealed to me, and I was able to get one in for review.

Casio adds “city” colors to its Move line

Casio’s G-SHOCK MOVE line got a facelift this week with changes to the GBD200UU-9, GBA900UU-3A,??and GBA900UU-5A models. These fitness models include step trackers, accelerometers, and Bluetooth connectivity to Casio’s MOVE app.

What the Moonswatch means

Like Obi-wan grunting on the Millennium Falcon, you may have noticed a great disturbance in the force. That’s because Swatch and Omega just launched a the Moonswatch, a series of watches dedicated to various planets and spheroids including Earth’s moon, Venus, and Mars. The watches come in multiple colors and are made of something called bioceramic which, is a plastic made of castor bean oil and zirconium oxide. The watches themselves run a quartz chronograph movement and use the same SuperLuminova that is found on the original Speedmaster, the so-called Moonwatch. The branding is Omega x Swatch – a suggestion that this is a crossover akin to a Supreme collab – and the entire thing is ingenious.

AVI-8’s new WWII aviator watches scratch that Breitling itch

As you recall, I got to see the new Breitling Super AVIs a few weeks ago and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. Luckily, the folks at AVI-8 might have something almost as good.

Their Hawker Hurricane Classic Chronograph is a quartz chronograph in olive drab that features the styling of the Hawker Hurricane complete with vintage-style sundials and clever coloration and design.

Casio makes a rainbow connection with Kith


The G-Shock 6900 is a streetwear icon these days and the company is partnering with some cool companies. This latest collaboration, with fashion company Kith, brings some solid styling to this G-Shock workhorse.

In Review: Skagen Dual Time

Long-time readers of this site will realize that this is not the first time I’ve written about this particular Skagen.  While formally known as the Skagen 281LSXB, I simply call it the Skagen Dual Time.  This is the oldest (in terms of my ownership of the watch) watch in my collection, and it holds a very near-and-dear spot in my clockwork heart.  You see, I wore the Skagen Dual Time for the very first time on the day of my wedding.

Going Green with the Aquatico Sea Star V2


I have done quite a few Aquatico watch reviews which you can see here. As of yet I have not been disappointed. This new Aquatico Sea Star V2 just came in the mail and it was green, Vintage green. At first I wasn’t sure about the color but it quickly grew on me. The more time I spent with it the more I liked it. Read on and see how you feel.

Head outside with some colorful new Casio ProTrek PRG240 models


Today, seems like we’re covering a bit of “going outside” gear, between here and over at Knapsack – and you know what? That’s a-ok. Sure, we can bundle up and go out into the cold and snow, but it’s more appealing to thinking about warm days and cool evenings out on the trail and by the campfire. That’s what the Casio ProTrek PRG240 is all about.

Now Funding: Rival CARBON²


For a Kickstarter campaign for a watch to get our attention, they need to be doing something unique. I’m not saying it has to be a design that every person you know will be talking about. Just that it should be something that differentiates itself in some way other than the name of the dude “cutting out the middleman”. Well, I’d say the Rival CARBON² manages to do just that.