Vertical lift-off with the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II Pegasus Concept AV4047

December 2, 2016 . by Victor Marks

  AVI-8 makes watches that are aviation inspired, and has for some time. They’re almost always tasteful, easy to read, and a great way to wear a distinctive automatic watch subtly. Until now.

Everwrist aims for Sir Edmund Hillary’s Rolex

November 30, 2016 . by Jim Manley

Everwrist is jumping into the watch business to help the people of Nepal. The Alpine is their value-priced Miyota quartz three-hander, named after Mt. Everest and “created to reflect the vintage designs worn by Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary.” The case certainly looks inspired by Hillary’s pre-Explorer Rolex. Although the £60–£70 (~$74–$86) price is…

Building a look with the help of Grand Frank

November 28, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

As you’re no doubt aware, we here at WWR have started to broaden our focus.  Yes, watches will be our primary mission (that is not changing), but we are expanding into taking a look at interesting items that would fall into the category of “Men’s Style”.  Then again, a watch could simply be viewed as…

Getting smart with the Fossil Q Marshal

November 23, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

I have reviewed a few different watches that would fall into the smartwatch category, but none that would fall into the “true” smartwatch category (i.e., ones that run an operating system and can have apps installed).  As I am not an iPhone user, picking up that watch really made no sense, and in the Android…

Timex iQ+, An activity tracker for the masses

November 22, 2016 . by Matt Himmelstein

The Timex iQ+ Move offers connected watch versions for both men and women with activity and sleep tracking and an Indiglo backlight for $150.

The RPMWEST Quarter Century Jacket, built for the long haul

November 21, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

I have been on a bit of a jacket kick as of late.  Not so much in terms of actually buying jackets, but perusing the various options out there, particularly in the textile varieties.  This started with my fascination with Filson Tin Cloth, and eventually lead to this review of the Filson Short Cruiser.  That was…

The Kent Wang Bauhaus V4 takes minimalism to the max

November 18, 2016 . by Neal Goodacre

Kent Wang is a small company with only 2 employees but has been offering a good selection of men’s goods since 2007. Their philosophy is honesty and simplicity and that shows with their line of honest and simple Bauhaus watches. The Bauhaus movement of the 1930’s utilized very minimal design in their modern architecture. Kent…