I’m kind of torn.

We recently got the HNATUY Hero X in for review and I’m simultaneously repulsed and enamored. The watch itself is kind of cyberpunk, kind of skeletonized, kind of cool: it’s basically the kind of watch Diesel or Storm would make if they did mechanicals. It looks like the offspring of a Zenith Defy chronograph and a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

And I’m going to say that this thing is well worth its paltry $149 price tag. Here’s why.

Is the HNATUY Hero X a good watch?

Yes. It is a good watch. It’s a skeletonized watch with skeletonized movement and cyberpunk styling. It is big and bold, comes on a nice strap, and will probably survive a few years of regular wear. It has lume on the hands, is relatively readable given the design, and is probably waterproof enough to wear in the shower. In short, it’s a watch that works and you will probably enjoy if you like the face and case style.

This watch is a mere $149, which is great. The movement is something special. Dida.moda, where this watch is selling, states that it runs a:

Customized seagull ST2502JK automatic mechanical movement, it has 28 jewels, 21,600 vph and a 42 hours power reserve. each movement has been tested four times, giving the mechanism a sense of mystery.

Whatever. Basically, they’re saying it’s a nice entry-level piece that’s well worth the price of admission and runs a tested movement that has been taking a beating for the last decade or so without issue.

I’m torn when we review these kinds of watches. When it comes to artistry and quality I have very little faith that your Hero X will last a lifetime. That said, I think it will survive a few years of regular wear without exploding, and, more important, it looks like nothing else on the market. It’s not a knock-off, it’s not a me-too design, and in fact it’s quite compelling and pretty on the wrist.

Where is HNATUY coming from? It’s primarily an Alibaba watch which means it’s not a brand per see but part of a line that happens to sell under a single brand. The name stands for Human Nature You, whatever that means, but luckily you don’t really see the brand on the face. And look, I’m not even mad. If you’re totally into this watch then by all means pick it up.

I can be a disingenuous snob and say that this watch isn’t great. But look at that hunk of pure horology. It’s a cool watch at a cool price and if it breaks you can upgrade to something better. And isn’t that watch collecting is all about?

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Last Update: February 6, 2023

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