Sailing away with the Tavolara Vintage from Spinnaker

October 20, 2016 . by Victor Marks

I like orange, and I like green. For a nice beater to wear about town or woods, the Spinnaker Tavolara Vintage SP-5037 fits the bill and is nice to look at to boot.

MSTR MEISTER: Take these broken wings

October 18, 2016 . by Victor Marks

MSTR is a brand pronounced MEISTER, the result of a fever dream where Hublot, an IWC Ingenieur, and a Royal Oak Offshore had a key party. The goal was to make something luxurious and attainable. Have they reached that goal?

Spending time with the Alpina Alpiner 4 Automatic

October 6, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

Just the other month we brought you word of the newest watches in the Alpina Alpiner 4 lineup, where the 4 represents four features – anti-magnetic, anti-shock, water resistant, and stainless steel.  These make for an extremely solid and robust base from which to build out a sports watch.  This is our first foray into some…

Hands on with Spinnaker Del Sol – the sun shines both day and night

October 3, 2016 . by Victor Marks

We do go on about the merits of a nice automatic mechanical wristwatch, and we talk about everyday carry – the idea that preparedness is the ultimate ideal. What do you wear if you’re focused on preparedness?

Working up a sweat with the Polar A300

September 22, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

When it comes to watches (and other devices) that are available to help you get fitter (or at least give you some metrics), you have a wide range of options out there. At the simpler end, you have things like my trusty Fitbit One; going to more complex, you have the full-on smart watches that incorporate some form of tracking (some with heart rate measurement as well). While I have previously reviewed one that was a bit short of a true smart watch (the Garmin 920XT, which would give notifications from the phone), we have not looked at many that are purely fitness devices. Well, today we expand that coverage a bit more with the Polar A300.

Review: The Tissot Le Locle Automatique Regulateur, your first fine watch.

September 13, 2016 . by Victor Marks

Tissot’s story is one of innovation and refinement. Tissot is that little watch house founded in 1853, when a father who fitted gold cases, and his son, a watchmaker, founded the manufacture to make pocketwatches. Since that time, Tissot has made a number of firsts and grown up to be a part of the biggest…

Hands on with the Holland //01

September 12, 2016 . by Victor Marks

Neonos is a team of four industrial designers, who have come together to make a forged carbon watch housing an automatic movement. Called HOLLAND //01, it’s an interesting fusion of modern and heritage.