Aigi Satellite Ground Station Wrist Watch

Ground control to Major Bjorn. The Aigi Satellite Ground Station has landed and this clever 40mm watch has a lot to offer.

First, you’re going to notice the seconds hand. At first glance, the tip of the seconds hand looks like a Fleur-de-lis or Crusader cross. You’re going to be confused. Fear not: true to its name, the hand is tipped with a little satellite that literally spins around the watch face as if it were in a geosynchronous orbit over Oslo.

The watch itself is styled a bit a like an AP Royal Oak and the lovely blue dial seems to take cues from Tiffany. That’s where the similarities end.

Norwegian Design

Made by Norwegian watchmakers Aigi, the Satellite Ground Station comes in two styles. One model, running a Seiko NH35A, costs $450. Another version, the one running the Sellita SW200-1, costs $720. The movements are fairly similar – one is made in Switzerland and the other is made in Japan – and you just have to decide how much you want to pay. There is a slight difference in power reserve.

After the initial reaction to the odd little seconds hand you get used to this piece and can come to love it. I personally get a kick out of it. Even the story Aigi tells about this piece is clever:

Our new limited edition automatic watch series is inspired by KSAT’s vast network of satellite ground stations around the world. The pattern in the dial is inspired by the radomes that enclose the antennas, while the crown is shaped like a satellite ground station and is made of steel from the Troll Ground Station located close to the South Pole in Antarctica. In February 2022, the steel was extracted from the first antenna that was built at the Troll station.

That’s right: the crown is made of an old satellite antenna from the South Pole. Your watch could have made first contact with radio-capable alien races!

Is the Aigi Satellite Ground Station a good watch?

Is this a good watch? Absolutely. It’s really lovely and has a great pedigree. If you’re looking for a Tiffany-style face you can’t go wrong with the ethereal and light coloration of this Ground Station and once you get used to the seconds hand – and it takes a second – you’ll love the idea. In general, you’re looking at a very, very clever little piece that is very well built.

It comes on a really nice steel band that melds into the case and has a deployant clasp. The whole thing is quite heavy and weighs 170 grams. The whole thing is made of bright, nicely polished steel except of the brushed case and bezel.

The watch itself is 40.5mm and it wears very nicely. It’s big and bold enough to be a statement piece but elegant enough to wear with a suit. I particularly liked the back of the watch with a little cutout “earth” surrounded by a field of stars and a satellite.

For $450/$750 this watch hits at just the right price point. I’d be hard pressed to recommend the Sellita over the Seiko but if you want that Swiss goodness you only have to pay a few hundred more. In all, I really like what Aigi did here and as a micro brand, especially one from Norway, they’ve got exactly the right idea.

The watch also comes in peach but I love this blue and would highly recommend it.

The Aigi Satellite Ground Station is available for pre-order now and will ship this month.

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