It’s the night before Christmas (Eve) and all through the house,

three creatures were stirring, including Niklaus.

The microphones hung by the watchboxes with care

in hopes that St. Victor soon would appear.

The readers were nestled all snug in with ADs;

While visions of Rolexes filled their big dreams;

And John in his kerchief looking back to the past

said “Fine, let’s restart the old HourTime podcast.”

So open your apps, click the box to subscribe

or visit on PodHound, if you’re so inclined.

Because podcasts are fun and you all seemed to take ’em

and Nick told us he’d post ’em all if we promised to make ’em.

So Happy Christmas, my friends, and a Happy New Year

and here’s hoping PKansa makes a podcast on beer.

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Last Update: December 23, 2020

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