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Christopher Ward Takes Flight With Their Latest



Christopher-Ward-C1000-Typhoon (8)

Christopher Ward is a brand that has made a name for themselves created nicely styled (and technically appointed) watches coming in at affordable price points. As of late, they’ve been stretching their legs a bit, and have been creating some higher-end pieces. While they still represent a nice value for the money, these pieces represent the upper end of their lineup.





Today, I want to cover a brand we’ve not really looked at here at WWR – JEANRICHARD. They’ve created a variety of higher-end sports watches, and I want to focus in on one that I don’t know I’ve seen covered recently.

IWC Goes “Digital” With Their Spitfire




When you hear the phrase “digital display”, as it relates to watches, what comes to mind? Very likely, it’s either a very affordable quartz driven piece that you hand to your kids, or it’s a sensor-laden puck that you strap on before heading out to the trails. IWC has another way for you to think about digital displays, however.

Arnold and Son Declare Victory



Arnold & Son TB Victory_emotion_lr

Really, that headline just writes itself, doesn’t it?  While I can’t pretend that I’m any great naval historian, even I’ve heard of the HMS Victory (if you’ve not, this site will give you all the details).  And, given that John Arnold (and his son, John Roger Arnold) designed chronometers that were very instrument-like “back in the day”, it’s pretty fitting that they’ve come out with a watch honoring the vessel.

Want To Have Just One Watch? Bremont Has A Candidate For You



Bremont-Solo (1)

Now, I know, for most of us watch folks, the idea of having just one watch to put on your wrist sounds like something akin to heresy, as we like to change up what we’re wearing to match changing whims. I’m not here to advocate for or against it (though, one day, I could see having just one to declutter, as well as obtain a grail), if you are, why not have a watch who’s name ties in with the goal?

Keeping Those Watches Safe




Have you given thought to how you protect your growing watch collection? Sure, if you only have a few, perhaps a nearby drawer will do. Then the collection may grow, and you start looking into things like watch boxes, or maybe creating your own custom solution using pick-n-pluck foam. But what if you’re getting into some really high-end pieces?

Schofield Lights Up The Night With The Blacklamp




Schofield is one of those newer watch brands (out of England) that I’ve been following with some interest. We reviewed their strap kit (here), as getting a watch sample in for review has been tricky, due to the demand for the pieces (that said, I’ll have a link for you at the end of a hands-on review). Their latest model, to be introduced at SalonQP later this year (November 7-9), should follow that same mold.