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The Fitbit Force Adds A Clock




The Fitbit products are something I’ve curiously observed from afar – while their smaller modules have held appeal to me (ie, not the wrist-mounted ones), I’ve just never quite brought myself to pulling the trigger (admittedly, it’s the sleep tracker that’s the most intriguing to me).  For those who aren’t as averse to the wrist-mounted activity trackers, though, Fitbit’s latest may be of interest to you.

The Nite MX10-400T Watch Review


Nite-MX10-400T (6)

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured Nite on these pages (here), but we’re back with one of their latest, in a color scheme that’s ready for the changing colors of fall.

You’ve Got A Watch Collection – How About A Curator?




Yesterday, we took a look at an entry-level (but still very high end) watch safe.  If you’re getting to that point, perhaps you might consider a curator for your watches?  A curator, of course, is someone who looks after a collection – both taking care of it, and helping to shape it through acquisitions (and perhaps removing some items). Of course, this time around, the folks at Orient are hoping that your current curator (being you, of course, dear reader) is in an acquiring sort of mood.

A Quick Survey Of Watches Around $500




Yesterday, Matt let us in on his quest for a sub-$500 automatic chronograph via a new watch he found on Kickstarter.  While he was underwhelmed, it did make him think about what else is in there in that segment.  While this listing is by no means exhaustive, it is a nice, 

No One Should Start A Kickstarter Project On A Friday



But I guess these guys haven”t figured that out – good thing we”re telling you about it on a Monday, eh?  Any which way, our buddy Matt H has been on the search for an inexpensive automatic chrono, and ran across this one on Friday.