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Review – MTM Special Ops Watch

I guess someone had to do it. WatchReport looks at the flashlight/watch that apparently is used by the military to flag down passing blimps.

The fist thing you will notice about the MTM Special Ops watch is its weight. If you prefer light-weight, inconspicuous timepieces, the Special Ops is not for you. If you like your watches substantial and solid, keep reading. The watch isn’t so heavy that you will eventually lose the use of your left arm, but the Special Ops is a dense and solid piece of stainless steel.

Check out the review here.

24-Hour Watch World

I love the 24-hour complication recently. Don’t know why. Maybe I’m growing. Anyway, great website all about 24-hour stuff. Love the Breitlings.

Check it out here

LACO “Marine Uhr” 861216


WatchUSeek is now selling these amazing looking Laco automatics. Great style.

Details: ETA 2824-2 automatic movement
High-quality stainless steel, black anodized case
Diameter 46mm, height 13mm
Screwed display case back, sapphire crystal,
Uni-directional diving bezel, waterresistant 200m
Screw down crown at “12”, date at “6”
Stainless steel bracelet

Check them out here.

Review: The Tutima Classic Flieger GMT

Mmmmm… me like.

As should be apparent, I’m really impressed with the overall value of this watch. It has many design and construction details which would not be out of place on a much higher priced watch. With the exception of the buckle and possibly the strap, I’m not aware of any watches which are its equal at the price. The fact that it uses an ETA 2892-based movement instead of an ETA 2824 already distinguishes it from most of the similarly priced competition.

Take a look here.

Review – Aeromatic 1912 GMT

This, the end of our Poor Man’s GMT round-up, is fraught with horror. The Aeromatic 1912 GMT is a quartz watch. It’s nice, it has a big face, but the ticking hand makes me slightly nauseous. Can I put off my horror long enough to write about it? Sure.

Review – Torgoen T2

Torgoen makes a line of professional pilot watches that sell considerably less than standard Quartz chronos and have a styling and utility that rivals some of the bigger houses. The T2 is a 4-register chrono with 1/10, second, and 30 minute timers with split and lap functionality. Add on a flight computer slide rule bezel and you have a winner.

Review – Vostok 24 Hour Aviator

OK. So this isn’t a GMT, but it has a 24 hour dial and, technically, shows two time zones, so it appears to fit the bill. Like many Vostoks, this piece feels like something that fell through the cracks in the 1980s – something post-Communist and pre-Mafiya that would be worn by mid-level bureaucrats and farmers alike, and perhaps the occasional cosmonaut during his long, post-outer space stint as a Moscow taxi driver.

That said, this is one of the nicest 24-hour pieces for less than $50 you can find.

Review – Apogaum Militaire GMT

Looking at the Apogaum is kind of like watching the Japanese do comedy – the cues are alien, the laughs are strange and manic, and the effort seems over the top but fascinating. No slight against the Japanese – their shows kick ass – but to see a Swiss via Hong Kong Panerai knock-off with a GMT hand and enough odd design cues is enough to spin your aesthetics like a top and is definitely disorienting.

Review – Davosa Mecanique

We???ve thus far been pleased with the small selection of Davosa pieces we received here at the Watch Cave. Unfortunately, and, in a way, fortunately, the Davosa 160.394.56 aka the Mecanique, was the weakest piece of the bunch, which says a lot about Davosa as a whole.

Up Close With Chase-Durer

In a recent publication, it was said of a particular brand of watches known for its aviation and extreme sport timepieces “if you can die doing it, this company makes a watch for it.” That statement, and company, is a topic of conversation for another story. But to riff on that line a bit, if you can kill someone doing it, then Chase-Durer makes a watch for it. The fine folks at Chase-Durer will probably cringe at such a crass statement, but looking at their inventory, one thing cannot be denied: these are serious pieces of equipment for people involved in serious missions. Jet fighter aces, Special Forces demolition experts, and bomber pilots are just some of the serious professionals who wear Chase-Durer timepieces.