DA LUCA’s value proposition is high quality, American-made watchstraps. Everything comes out of their San Diego workshop, including their “Vintage” one-of-a-kind, handmade, leather straps. They started in 2009 focused on Panerai straps, but have since expanded to virtually every watch. It’s nice to see more and more American companies jumping back into the watch business, especially when they offer a high-quality product.

DA LUCA has a full line, including Perlon, nylon NATO, leather NATO in some interesting colors, and a variety of chunky two-piece leather straps. Or they’ll stich a custom piece to your specifications. They also have a line of leather accessories, like key chains and watch folders, that complement their straps.

The prices are on the high side (e.g., nylon NATO: $30/leather NATO: $145/Handmade Lizard: $205), but we’ll have to wait for a hands-on look to tell if the quality justifies the prices. Based on their pictures, we are hopeful.

ByJim Manley

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