If you’re my next-door neighbor’s kid, you’re probably able to do a Rubik’s cube in a few minutes. If you’re anyone else, you’ll be please that this watch doesn’t require you to solve a cube in order to wear it.

The GAE-2100RC-1A is a standard G-Shock with a few tricks up its sleeve. First, you have the Cube-based design that shows you the red, yellow, and blue squares of a completed cube. Then you can swap out the bezel for a bit of a night mode. The watch itself is pretty standard – it’s a 2100RC with world time features and chronograph – but you can swap out the band, bezel, and protector to match your mood.

The watch is launching this month worldwide and will cost about $200. It’s definitely a cute little piece but sadly you can’t take the stickers off of it so you can pretend to solve it by brute-forcing the system.

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Last Update: February 17, 2022

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