Poolside, probably wearing fancy Rolexes. Image Credit: Tony Hisgett / Flickr

Welcome back to The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com! Apologies for missing last week, but the stars aligned and we were all busy at our usual recording time. Life!

But this week we bring the goods, including what we’re pretty sure is the first semi-professional review of the new Seiko Land Tortoise, which Nicholas purchased seconds after seeing the press photos on Instagram about a month ago; he’s been wearing it all week. Do we allow it? There’s only one way to find out!

We then move onto discussing Casio’s new Hidden Coast series of G-Shocks, which we’re all pretty into, and Maen’s new GMT.

Our last topic? What type of watch should you wear to the pool this summer—what’s seaworthy? Now, the “correct” answer, in a manner of speaking, is the Sub, but what if you don’t want to risk damaging it? You get this discussion, that’s what!

Once again, thank you to Andrew Haworth for producing this week’s episode—we sound great because of Andrew!

Keep it locked to WristWatchReview.com and @WristWatchReview on Instagram for more fun watch content. Have a great week! -Nicholas

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Last Update: May 24, 2021