The alarm sounds pretty creepy. What think you?


  1. is that what the alarm is supposed to sound like?
    it sounds broken

    the only other (auto) watch with an alarm I’ve seen that I liked was a UN like this one:

    but maybe that’s not an alarm, I think you have to activate it (and it’s way too expensive 😉 )

    I’m not sure I like that PAM’s noise

  2. Do it! I can’t spring for one yet, allow me the vicarious pleasure.

    The alarm is pretty raucous, but vibrates enough a stone deaf guy would wake up for it. As my hearing slips away and more people mumble, I can appreciate this.


  3. Yep, that’s what the alarm is supposed to sound like, it’s a “cricket” style alarm.

    Before you pay the $6550-$8500 price tag these things usually go for, remember that it’s just a GP alarm/GMT movement in a Panerai case. There are a handful of alarm/GMT watches in the $3000 range.

    But, personally, I really, really like the PAM 98.

  4. I love all the strange and rare movements that you bring to us. But this is just a mechanical alarm. I have one on my Zeno Limited Edition Mechanical. It says it is a 2612.1 movement, I assume that is ETA.

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