TAG Heuer Rowing Blazers Carrera

Rowing Blazers, a bright and jolly design house dedicated to making clothing that looks like it was worn by the crusty rich guys in the 1985 movie Summer Rental (starring John Candy) has teamed up with TAG Heuer to make a Carerra that looks like something snooty John Larroquette would wear in that film.

The watch is a standard Carrera but it is based on the TAG Yacht-Timer of 1970s vintage, complete with bold pink, green, and blue registers. The hands are bright red and the seconds hand is yellow.

TAG Heuer Rowing Blazers Carrera Watch
TAG Heuer Rowing Blazers Carrera Watch

“I’ve always loved the Heuer Yacht-Timer — both for its sporting origins and its very Rowing
Blazers color scheme, but also because there’s something very Roy Lichtenstein about the way
the colors are rendered,” said Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson. “[Designer] Eric Wind loves vintage Heuer stopwatches too, and we’ve dreamed of producing our own watch in the style of these amazing pieces. It’s a dream to work with TAG Heuer and Bamford to make this a reality.”

TAG Heuer Rowing Blazers Carrera – Price

The watch is limited to 99 pieces and is sold exclusively on Rowing Blazer’s site. The price is a heady $8,900 – pretty high for a sports watch, even one that looks like it could win the Citrus Cove Regatta. That said, if you’re looking for something to go with your white polo and pink shorts, you might be in luck.

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