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Hello and welcome to yet another exciting edition of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of Your hosts this week are John, Victor, and Nicholas.

Victor and Nicholas open the show with a harebrained scheme to buy Breitling, which Nicholas had spent the past few days admiring after baaaasically paying less than zero attention to it. Do we keep the brand’s established dealer network or try to go direct to consumer? It’s an interesting question that we spend some time thinking over out loud.

John then joins the pod for some quick watch-adjacent commentary regarding capitalism and his disappointing experience with a Seiko Baby Tuna that ended up with condensation after a trip to the beach. Ridiculous!

We then cast our eyes upon the just-announced Apple Watch Series 7, which has a slightly larger screen and is now dustproof. But is it a good upgrade? Sorta depends on where you’re coming from, but if you’ve got a Series 6 or 5, eh, why not try to get another year out of it? Nicholas has a Series 4 and intends to keep that around for at least one more year. If it ain’t broke, et cetera et cetera.

We wrap up this week with a chat on the latest Casio G Shock smartwatch, which John has been reviewing over the past few days. He likes it!

And that, as they say, is that.

Thanks once again to Andrew Haworth for producing this week’s episode.Keep it locked to and @wristwatchreview on the ol’ Instagram for more fun watch content.Thank you for listening, and have a great week!

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Last Update: September 20, 2021