The Tribus TRI-07. Image Credit: Tribus Watches

Welcome back to The HourTime Show, the official podcast of! This week your pals John, Victor, and Nicholas managed to talk about the proposed European Super League while making it relevant to watches.

TLDR: a bunch of big soccer teams in Europe wanted to start a brand new league, a lot of people got very angry, and now the league is kaput. One watch brand called Tribus got so upset that it pulled out of its sponsorship of Liverpool FC. Listen as we react live on the air to the brand’s collection of watches. (They’re… fine.) In other news, Victor is wearing an NTH BSHT, John is wearing a Bell & Ross BR V2-94, and Nicholas, erm, is wearing his Seiko Alpinist despite not knowing how to use the compass bezel (though he’s looking forward to getting this JDM Prospex in a few weeks). Meanwhile, Victor wants the Seiko Star Bar and has found this really weird Royal Oak/Nautilus hybrid on Instagram. As John would say, the world is a mess.

Once again, thank you for listening and thank you to Andrew Haworth for producing this week’s episode. Be sure to keep it locked to and @wristwatchreview on IG for more fun watch content. Have a great week!

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