Image Credit: Timex

New from Timex: a Space Invaders-themed T80 that, at just $89, could make a great gift for the old school gamer in your life. Hopefully my friends are reading.

You don’t even have to be a close watcher of Timex to recall the brand’s Pac-Man T80 that was released in 2020, which received positive coverage at decidedly non-watch publications like IGN and Rolling Stone. It wasn’t hard to see why: Take a popular, nothing-wrong-with-it model, add a dash of retro-inspired nerdery (I say that as a huge nerd), and voila: catnip for the Instagram set.

Image Credit: Timex

This piece, formally known as Timex X Space Invader, looks to continue that trend. It’s available in three reliable colorways (silver, gold, and black), has the game logo front and center, and even features the game’s familiar melody.

Add in the usual T80 goodness (34mm case, Indiglo backlight, and 30m of water resistance) and you’ve got what should be another winner.

It’s on sale right now, and we’ll share our full thoughts shortly.

Visit the Timex website for more information.

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