Timex has recently released a new watch that is sure to excite watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. The Timex World Time 1972 Reissue Watch is a throwback to the original model that was released nearly 50 years ago. This quartz watch features a bezel that allows you to ostensibly see world time and set your current timezone by moving the city you’re in to the noon position.

The watch costs a delightful $179 and comes with a quartz movement.

The original watch, called the Model 41, was an electric watch that used a similar bezel back in 1972. This bezel has appeared on multiple watches over the years including a series of divers including Seiko and, interestingly, this Raketa.

The Timex also features some nicely lumed hands and comes on a leather strap. Overall, Timex is doing an amazing job of bringing out these very niche, very sexy designs (see also the Timex Q) at a price point that isn’t awful. Perhaps it’s time to stop calling Timex the purveyor of the drug store watch?

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Last Update: June 21, 2023