BaselWorld 2006 – Watch Round-up

March 31, 2006 . by John Biggs

Great roundup by CNET of some Basel flava. Photos: Wristwatch windup | CNET

R.W. Smith Hotness

March 31, 2006 . by John Biggs

The Purist Ninjas rock out with some R.W. Smith hotness. Look at the work on that baby. Having taken several forms since its creation, Roger decided to use the co-axial’s original form and adapt it to suit the Series 2’s concept. This version uses two escape wheels fixed to an arbor (co-axial), with a standard…

BaselWorld 2006 – Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 360 LS

March 31, 2006 . by John Biggs

Like the Formula 1 cars Volvo regularly races, this watch has very little to do with the entire Tag Heuer line. However, it is very cool. It has 1/10, 1/100, and 1/1000 of a second registers and is completely mechanicl. Power reserve and an unmentional price tag round out the impressive package. Tag Heuer Monaco…

The Laco 42mm Diver

March 29, 2006 . by John Biggs found a very cool Laco 46mm Diver with an ETA movement. The crown is at 12 o’clock for comfort. Laco Navy watches [FratelloWatches]

The Truth Behind the eBay Aeromatic

March 29, 2006 . by John Biggs

I’m going to be posting a review of the Tauchmeister, which is in the same vein, but here is more info on the Aeromatic, a notorious eBay brand. Also, check out our review here. Aeromatic1912 and Tauchmeister1937 do obviously have the same source. It´s not a German watch in terms of german knowledge, german watchmaking…

Review – D.Freemont Sapphire Power Reserve Diver

March 28, 2006 . by John Biggs

It is rare to find a U.S. watchmaker who cares as much about his products as David McReady of D.Freemont watches. In a market full of cheap quartz and high profits, McCready is what is known in the business as a “nice guy” and a “shrewd businessman.” The latest piece in his collection, the D.Freemont…

An Interview with David McCready

March 28, 2006 . by John Biggs

David McCready got into the watch business by accident. His father, a renowned engineer who built some of the first microwave systems, was an inveterate collector of arcane electronics. One day, when McCready was a boy, the son of a jeweler accidentally rang the wrong doorbell. McCready answered and the man peeked in and was…