movement-mss.jpgThe Purist Ninjas rock out with some R.W. Smith hotness. Look at the work on that baby.

Having taken several forms since its creation, Roger decided to use the co-axial’s original form and adapt it to suit the Series 2’s concept. This version uses two escape wheels fixed to an arbor (co-axial), with a standard pinion, as opposed to the later “extra flat” version that is found in later Daniels watches and as adopted by Omega. This “extra flat” version uses an extra wheel in the going train that engages a multi-purpose pinion/impulse wheel which sits co-axially on an arbor with the other escape wheel. The proportions of the original co-axial form have been modified by Smith to suit his requirements and the movement tailored as such. That coupled with its lower oscillating frequency (2.5 Hz) should produce a very stable rate.

R.W. Smith Series 2

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