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Introducing: Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 300


When it comes to the dive watches that Christopher Ward offers, your mind no doubt immediately goes to the Trident line. That’s the first exposure I had to CW as a brand. More recently, they went for the high-pressure specs, releasing a model capable of a 600m water resistance rating. For this latest version, they listened to feedback from the forums and came up with what we’re seeing in the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 300.

Introducing: Christopher Ward C63 Sealander 36mm

When we reviewed the Christopher Ward C63 Sealander after it’s release (which you can see here), I was particularly taken with the compact GMT (and there are other complications available as well). While I found the 39mm to be quite comfortable on the wrist, you may prefer something a bit more compact on your wrist. If that’s you, then you’ll want to check out the Christopher Ward C63 Sealander 36mm.

For the footie fans: Christopher Ward X Everton

Well, there aren’t any Everton-themed watches just as of yet, but we have to imagine that’s just a matter of time. While most of America feels that football is a game with an elongated brown ball, most of the rest of the world views football as a white-and-black ball (aka soccer). A few days ago, British watch brand Christopher Ward became the official timing partner of the Everton Football Club.

Introducing: Christopher Ward C65 Aquitaine


We’ve been talking about the Christopher Ward C65 since it first arrived (for example, here and here). When it was first introduced, it started as a spin-off / variant of the C60 Trident Pro line. Well, now it’s graduated and become it’s own thing, now known as the Christopher Ward C65 Aquitaine collection.

A Christopher Ward C63 for Ukraine


We’ve seen a number of auctions and fundraisers pop up to support the Ukrainian effort to resist the Russian invasion, as well as to provide humanitarian support. The most recent one is this 300-piece special edition Christopher Ward C63. Up front, you’ve got the blue and yellow of the flag, and on the back, the words ‘????? ???????!’ (Glory to Ukraine!) have been engraved.

Recently Released: Christopher Ward C63 Colchester

While I’ve had my personal favorite in the Christopher Ward lineup, once I had a chance to test out the C63 Sealander GMT the C63 line quickly shot to the top of the list. While I appreciate the steel case there, there’s something to be said about shedding as much weight from your wrist as possible. If that’s what you’re going for, then the Christopher Ward C63 Colchester is worth taking note of.

Christopher Ward has two new ways to go for the bronze


Bronze seems to be enjoying a bit of a resurgence. We’ve written about a few watches lately that feature bronze or brass alloys, and now today, we’ve got word for you on two new offerings from Christopher Ward that come in bronze.

Just Released: Christoper Ward C60 Concept


Today brings us a brand new, high end watch from Christopher Ward. Now, if you’ve been following the brand (as we have) you might be looking at this and say, well, that just looks like another variant on, say, the C60 Sapphire. And sure, it’s part of that line and family, but the Christoper Ward C60 Concept is taking things into some rather interesting directions.

Introducing: Christopher Ward C60 #tide


Many brands have been embracing recycled ocean plastic, which, for many of them, is being provided by #tide Ocean Material. We’ve seen Christopher Ward utilize it in their straps, and now they’ve come up with a very specific watch to feature this committment – the Christopher Ward C60 #tide.

Christopher Ward helps restore oysters to the ocean


How, you might ask? Well, it’s due in part to their commitment to the cause, and by leveraging their use of the #Tide ocean plastic material in their products. To date, they’ve donated over £200,000 to the Blue Marine Foundation, and with every sale of their #tide straps they’ll be donating another £5. So, hey, pick up a new strap and help the oceans clean themselves, not a bad combo.