Hmmm… A Bamboo Watch?

January 30, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

    I’ve reviewed some watches here that have been made of a variety of non-metallic materials, but this is the first one, I believe, that I’ve seen that utilizes bamboo to quite this extent.

Quinting Looks Through Time

January 29, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

Obviously, the phrase “looking through time” has some more metaphysical connotations, more often than not.  Today, we’ll see that a watch brand out of France has made this a more concrete concept.

RGM Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary

January 28, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  And what better way for a watch brand could their be but to introduce a brand new watch that houses a completely new in-house movement?

Historical Horology: Pocket Watches For The Chinese Market

January 27, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  Alright, welcome to this Sunday’s edition of Historical Horology (well, that’s the name I’m giving it for now).  Today, we’ll be having a look at a writeup on some rather interesting antique pocketwatches that were designed specifically for the Chinese market.

Ooh! Shiny!

January 26, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  Say the word shiny, and many folks will interpret a different meaning.  For me, I tend to think of it in the Firefly sense, or perhaps in terms of folks who might get easily distracted by a shiny object.  Now, for that second camp, the Venn diagram intersects directly with us watch folks in…

The Oris Aquis Depth Gauge

January 25, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  When it comes to dive watches, you have no end of choice, it seems, even within the higher-end mechanical realm.  However, when it comes to being truly functional as a dive watch, you generally don’t get much more than an elapsed time (via the bezel).  Oris is changing that with their new Aquis Depth Gauge.

Weekend Wrist Check Over On FB

January 25, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  Let’s try a little something here – I’ve put up a photo over on our Facebook page (found here) of what I’ve got on my wrist today.  Head on over, and let us know what you’re wearing either in the comments, or by posting up your own image.