Watching the Web for November 30th, 2013

November 30, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  Welcome back to our weekly installment, where we have a quick look at some interesting watches and articles that have popped up over the last week, as well as taking a second look at what some of our more popular articles this week were.  Read on for coverage on a tour of the Cartier…

GoS Calls Summer To Mind

November 29, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  At least here in the northern hemisphere, summer is just a distant memory, as the fall dips into colder temperatures. To help counteract that (and ensure you always can see the sun), GoS has released their latest model, the Midnight Sun.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  Here in the States, we’ve got a little holiday going on known as Thanksgiving Day.  So, for those of you getting your turkey-induced food comas on, enjoy your day, and enjoy it responsibly (especially if that watch above in on your wrist). Regardless of if you’re celebrating the day, I just want to say…

Precious Metals for Your Wrist

November 27, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

You know what I’m thankful for, here the day before Thanksgiving?  Well, lots of things, actually, but one I want to focus on is watch-related.  I’m quite thankful our pal Matt Himmelstein scours the crowd-funded crowds, and picks out the interesting watches to bring to your attention.  Today, he’s got a very interesting silver (or…

Ocean7 LM-7 PloProf Review

November 26, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  So, remember back when I wrote about the original Omega PloProf (here) earlier this month?  If you do, you’ll recall that I mentioned our friends over at Ocean7 have a model inspired by the original, their LM-7 Professional PloProf Hardened Titanium Diver.  Today, we’ll be taking a look at their original version (they just introduced…

Historical Horology: Taking A Look At Omega

November 24, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  Omega isn’t the oldest watch brand in existence today – but it is one of the older brands that we have with us today. When I write about Omega, I’m often looking to what they’re doing today (which is interesting). Or, if I’m looking to their past, it’s in conjunction with an older model…

Watching The Web: On Break For November 23, 2013

November 23, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  Sorry, folks – the week just got away from me here, and I did not have time to put a roundup together.  If you’re looking for that sort of a high-level summary today, you may want to check out aBlogtoWatch’s “Best From”, which just published yesterday, here. We’ll see what shakes out for next…