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If you are the sort who likes to obsess about the details of your watch, a recent Kickstarter launch is likely going to be of interest to you. We have seen plenty of projects that offer you some choices when it comes to things like dial colors or case finishes, but this is the first time that I have seen a project go with a fully customizable watch as the reward. Let’s have a look at what Revolo is offering in exchange for your contribution.


Thank you all for stopping by and checking out our weekly watching the Web feature, where we take a little time to highlight articles we find of interest on other sites, as well as point you back toward our most popular articles of the last week or so. This week, I wanted to direct you to a review of a sharp looking dive watch, a sharp looking budget chrono, and a razor sharp high end watch from Cvstos. Looking internally, we have another appearance by Torgoen, a fresh review of one of our most popular articles of all time, and a diver for your perusing pleasure.