Welcome to the very first entry in what we hope will be a new continuing series – Reader Reviews.  That’s right, gentle reader – you too can submit a review.  More details on that at the end – for now, let’s get on to see what Erik Sorensen-Braasch thought of the Benrus H-6.

Photo by E. Sorensen-Braasch

Photo by E. Sorensen-Braasch

When I received my Benrus H-6 in the mail, I wanted to be skeptical. After all, this watch is neither Swiss nor Japanese. In addition, it contains a Japanese Quartz movement from an unspecified manufacturer. Ok, I get it. The piece is not being marketed to me.  Having said all of that, my skepticism faded considerably after strapping it on and wearing it around for a few days. It seems to me that the H-6 is punching a bit above its weight class.


Normally I don’t go for quartz watches. I appreciate the sweep of a mechanically driven seconds-hand and the heft of a those tiny machines ticking away on my wrist is somehow very satisfying. Having said that, the weight of this watch is such that you can easily forget that it is not a mechanical.

The overall aesthetic makes for a very pleasant visual experience. The bezel is sharp and simple. The tiny anchor on the seconds-hand is a delightfully novel touch. The indices contrast nicely the subtly textured dial. The faux-aged finish on the case isn’t fooling anybody but lends a sense of nostalgia that seems to pull it all together.


One point I can’t stress enough is how much I’m impressed by the supplied nylon strap. At this price-point, I would generally expect to swap out the strap in favor of something more comfortable and/or stylish. Benrus has made this completely unnecessary.

The strap compliments the military theme of the piece with its olive drab color. It also gives the impression of an oft-worn and time-softened friend right from the get-go. Combine that with the hardware finish which matches that of the case and the feeling is complete.


I think the truest statement to make about the Benrus H-6 is that it’s a fashion watch for guys who don’t think they’re into fashion. Barring a few upgrades (automatic movement, sapphire crystal, and more generous lume), what you have is a watch placed a step above a Fossil. The design details which recall clearly the brand’s military pedigree are what set it apart.

In the end, almost against my will, I find myself enjoying the hell out of this watch. Benrus has hit on a formula which is more than the sum of its parts.  (Editor’s Note:  want to see more photos of Erik’s watch collection?  Hit him up over on Instagram).


Our thanks to Erik for sending in his review (you can read ours here).  Now what about you – have a watch you want to show off to the world?  Whether it’s one that you won in a contest from us, saved for years to get, or just plain holds a special place in your heart, we want to hear from you.  Drop us a line and we’ll go on from there.

Header image by E. Sorensen-Braasch; remaining images by P. Kansa

Last Update: May 27, 2016