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In Review: The Benrus Type II Reissue


Benrus has long been synonymous with “field watches,” basic tool watches with an absolute focus on legibility and durability. We looked at their Type II a few weeks ago and now we got the watch in our hot little hands and I’m pleased to report that it’s a solid and striking field watch with enough history to warrant a second look.

Introducing: The Benrus Type II Reissue


Benrus is the prototypical search and rescue watch. Designed for divers in the 1970s, it features a bold black and white face with fencepost hands. It is, in short, the very definition of a tool watch.

Now the company is reissuing its famous Type II, a 42.5mm diver with a sandblasted case, Soprod P024 automatic movement, and black nylon strap. It is completely and utterly genera and nearly unmarked, which makes it amazing.

Introducing: Benrus Wrist Alarm


UPDATE: As there questions around the authenticity of the movements contained in these watches, Benrus has stopped selling this watch and are investigating what happened.

It’s one thing for a brand – whether it’s newly resurrected or not – to dive back into their catalog to reproduce a watch from the past. It’s another thing entirely to not only revive an old design, but to ALSO find a cache of NOS movements to really bring a vintage vibe to a watch. Well, that’s exactly what has happened with the Benrus Wrist Alarm.

In Review: Benrus Type I


In the realm of watches that attempt to be faithful replicas – or modern reinterpretations – of models gone by, those that carry the label “milspec” seem to have a particular price of place. The Vietnam-era Type I watch is of particular note, given how many brands have made one now (my first experience with one was via MKII). Well, if you want a true reissue, go to one of the brands that made the original. And that’s what we’ve got with the Benrus Type I.

Back to the Big Apple with the Benrus Classic

Yesterday?s review featured a collaboration with a company out of New York, and today, we?ve got a review from a resurrected watch brand that is calling New York home – Benrus. To be sure, this is a re-resurrection, as we saw watches from that brand (here) a few years back. These new models are supposed to ?focus on their roots? and we recently spent some time with the Benrus Classic.

Benrus reborn

Benrus watches just announced their return to the world of American watchmaking. Once one of America?s most popular watch brands in the 1940s, the company’s assets have been acquired by a private investment group and they are now making a comeback.

Reader Review: The Benrus H-6

Photo by E. Sorensen-Braasch

Welcome to the very first entry in what we hope will be a new continuing series – Reader Reviews.  That’s right, gentle reader – you too can submit a review.  More details on that at the end – for now, let’s get on to see what Erik Sorensen-Braasch thought of the Benrus H-6.

Watching the Web for December 5, 2015

watching the web

Spider WebIt is hard to believe it is December already, but it is, so it is time to roll out our weekly edition of Watching the Web.  Here, we highlight interesting articles we come across on other sites, as well as identify which of our own recent articles were the most popular over the last week or so.  For this week’s article, I have an ultra thin tourbillon, a new brand from one of the men behind Magrette, and a Damascas steel watch from GoS.  From our pages, the posts about new Magrette models, the Lew & Huey Phantom and the Crowdfunding Round Up topped the list.

The December 2015 Giveaway: Benrus Sky Chief



Back in September, we covered a few new models, the Infantry and H6, from newly resurrected brand Benrus. Of course, for those who are familiar with that brand from their original incarnation, there is one watch in particular that stands out in most people’s minds – the Benrus Sky Chief. Just the name itself holds a certain cachet from days gone by. These days, there is a new version, and this month you have your chance to win one.

Going Over Land and Sea With the Benrus Infantry and H6


When it comes to watch companies, most people like to focus on the country of origin, especially if they happen to be from that same country. America has had its ups and downs with regards to watch manufacturing, and there are a handful of companies doing what they can to make watches here. We also have brands from the past that have come back from the quartz crisis grave, and today’s review is from one of those brands. Ironically enough, both the Benrus Infantry and H6 are quartz-driven watches.