No, don’t worry, this isn’t some sort of communist sort of screed we’re endorsing here – just an intriguing new watch (of the pocket variety) from the minds over at People People.

While this is certainly a more familiar take on watch design than we saw yesterday, it’s a refreshing twist on what we would commonly call to mind for a pocket watch.  At first glance, this looks like any other pocket watch you might come across, albeit one with a bit of a Nordic (or, in this case, Swedish) aesthetic cleanliness to it.


It’s when you get into the details of what they’re planning, here, that things really become interesting.  For starters, they plan to make the case out of a single piece of aluminum, with the face containing integrated markings helping to keep things clean.  Interestingly, they’re also hoping to protect that dial with a screw-in crystal, so you could clean (or customize) the dial fairly easily – or replace the lens easily.

Under that dial is where things could (potentially) get very interesting as well.  As People People is a design house, they’re taking a look at trying to design their own movement.  Given the complexities there, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them work with an existing movement and modify it to some extent; so long as pricing remains reasonable, though, I think either approach would work well.


Sure, your pockets are probably full of all the various things you need to carry on a day to day basis (I know mine are), and it would seem the wrist is a natural place to put a watch.  However, with a design as beautiful as this one, I would certainly try to make space in the pockets to carry this watch.

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Last Update: March 25, 2013