If you’re going to be out until all hours of the night, you might as well have one that’s as dark as midnight, right?  If you’re on board with that Sentiment, then today’s Skagen is a good candidate for you.

This particular models is the Moonphase Chronograph (ref. 901XLBLB).  So, right off the bat, you know we’ve got both a chronograph complication, and a moonphase indicator.  Speaking to that moonphase, I really like how they’ve kept it in the color scheme, helping the dial to blend in (many times, that indicator has a blue background).

The watch itself measures in a 40mm wide and 11mm thick, and rides on a strap that starts out at 26mm wide, and tapers down to 20mm at the buckle.  This nets you a water resistance rating of 100m with which to keep the quartz movement dry.

Given the color scheme and the leather strap, this watch will function quite nicely as a dress watch.  With all the black on the watch, though, I really wish that they had reversed the colors on the date display.  As it stands now, that just really jumps off the dial at me.

From what I’ve seen online, it looks like this version can be found for about $250; there’s also a blue-dialed variant that will run you a bit more.  Regardless of the dial, this is a very stylish and affordable chrono.  Of course, you’ll be in a bit of a crunch to get it in time for tonight.


ByPatrick Kansa

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2 thoughts on “A Watch For Staying Up Until Midnight”
  1. I suppose you did not actually set the moon-phase or you would’ve discovered the impossibility of using this watch. To set the moon-phase requires cycling the date through hundreds of times. And at the end of months with less than 31 days, you have to do it again since if you just change the date forward, the moon is off. Truly a stupid design error and an un-usable watch.

    Please write a more correct review next time.

    1. Well, this wasn’t a true hands-on review, per se. Had it been, the title of the post is prefixed with REVIEW.

      Given that we didn’t see this one in person, we had no way to know how the moonphase setting works.

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