Accutron just announced DNA Casino series, drawing inspiration from the lights and spirit of Las Vegas. This new line features four distinct colors – green, blue, orange, and red – each reflecting the electric glow of a neon-lit city skyline.

Accutron DNA Casino – Limited Edition

In a nod to both tradition and innovation, these watches are a limited edition series, with only 100 pieces available in each color. They blend the classic Accutron open-face design, a tribute to their rich history, with cutting-edge technology. At the heart of these timepieces is a revolutionary electrostatic energy movement. This advanced system incorporates a motor and turbine, ingeniously designed to generate power. This innovation is not just about functionality; it also adds to the aesthetic appeal by enabling the second hand to move in a smoothly gliding motion.

Each watch is encased in a 45.1mm stainless steel body with a sleek grey finish, complemented by silver-grey accents on the outer hour/minute ring. The open-work dial, available in the four mentioned vibrant colors, is paired with silver-tone hands, making for an eye-catching contrast. Adding to the allure, the case back features a stamped Accutron logo and a turbine design, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to precision and style.

Accutron DNA Casino – Price

Each watch comes with a rubber strap, equipped with a double-press deployant closure. In a thoughtful touch, the crown color matches the dial, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

The pieces are at $3,500 and will ship in December.

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