Ok, last week, we moved you over to a lager for the Afternoon Beer Break. Today, we’re back on the IPA kick, but one that escapes out from the arms race that can sometimes show up in the ABV of your favorite small-make brew. Just in time for campfires and barbecues, the Revolution Every Day-Hero has arrived on the scene.

The Revolution Every Day-Hero is what’s known as a Session IPA. In short, it’s an IPA that has an ABV that sticks somewhere between 4% and 5%. In fact, there are many styles of Session Ales, and is a name that hearkens back to when workers could drink on the job. So, you know, a lower alcohol content so you’re not tipsy heading back on the line. You can read more on the details of the history right over here at American Craft Beer.

For me, I think that a session ale is a good one for summertime activities. It can be clean and refreshing, and you’re not likely to just get worn out feeling after a couple and want to lay down. My favorite so far as been the Founders All Day IPA (watch for a review on that soon), but when local crew Revolution came out with their own, I knew I needed to check out the Revolution Every Day-Hero.

If you pour your can out into a glass (and I generally don’t when in the outdoors) you’ll notice that, while the Revolution Every Day-Hero is quite carbonated (sheer number of bubbles), the head is not going to run away on you. The nose of the beer is pretty mild (some IPAs can definitely tickle your nose with the hop heaviness), and your nose – and tongue – are greeted with some pine notes up front. After that, there’s a bit of a sharp mouthfeel, but otherwise it’s a mild and crisp IPA, with a minimal aftertaste. AKA, a perfect one for grabbing a cold one from the cooler on a hot day. I don’t think it will unseat my favorite (mentioned up above), but it’s a decent option if the Founders isn’t available around by you. Every Day-Hero® | Revolution Brewing

Tasting Notes

  • Quite carbonated
  • Pine up front
  • Mild nose
  • Minimal head
  • Fizzy
  • Sharp
  • Not much aftertaste

Details from Revolution Brewing

  • ABV: 4.3%
  • Hops: Sabro, El Dorado, Mosaic, and Cascade
  • Bitterness: 35 IBU
  • Availability: year-round; 12oz or 19.2oz cans, 1/2 bbl, draft

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