… we have this little beauty!  For less than the cost of shipping the tourbillograph, you can have this bat-logoed Armitron.  Why Batman?  Why not!  (Let’s not start an argument here between Superman and Batman, when the Bat is clearly superior, ok?*)

Of course, this watch is not going to garner any awards, but it a decent piece for under twenty bucks.  For your Jackson, you get:

  • 38 mm steel case
  • Mineral crystal
  • Quartz movement
  • 20 mm band

Frankly, this is the stealthiest Bat-logo watch I’ve ever seen.  Most of them quite loudly declare the symbol, but this one could pass by unnoticed as just another watch.  Another thing I like about it is the nod to the original (comic book) colors, with blue and yellow contrasting stitching, hands, and indicators.  This could be a great watch if you want a subtle Batsymbol to carry around with you at all times, or your looking for something very affordable for a kid.  And really, at $20, this is just about as close to an impulse buy as you’re going to get outside of a swap meet!


*Note:  author is an unabashed Bat-fan.

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Last Update: September 7, 2011