Ok, so when you read yesterday’s post, you thought “Well, that Seiko IS nice, but you know?  I kind of dug the style of the Obris you showed us.”  Well, then, gentle reader, I’ve got a treat for you, in the form of the Seiko SNDA65.

From what I’ve read online, the SNDA65 has the same movement inside of it that the SNDC47 contains.  So, why might you opt for this watch instead?  Of course, we have quite a shift in style.  You drop the bezel, and pick up the Flieger-style arrowhead at the twelve o’clock position.

You also get a bump in case size (to 42mm wide and 12mm thick), which also appears to have a black coating of some sort applied.  Thankfully, that beautiful hardlex crystal made the migration to this model, as did the 100 meter water resistance rating.

So, you get all of these changes – what’s that mean for the pricing?  Understandably, given the style upgrades, the price has risen.  In this case, Amazon has it on tap for $150 – almost a 50% increase over yesterday’s model.  In my book, it’s an increase that’s merited.

Not to mention, you’re coming dangerously close, in terms of style, to what the Obris Mogan model offered up.  Sure, it’s not an automatic, but if you’re going to get a quartz, why not make it a good-looking Seiko?  Not to mention on that leaves enough coin left over to afford a quality strap!

ByPatrick Kansa

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