A great look at regulating mechanicals by ARA Master Watchmakers, creators of the Famous Silicone Strap (TM) (R) (C) etc.

Before we send a watch to a customer, we make sure it is properly regulated. Below, we will show how we regulate an eta 2824-2 movement which is found in our ARA dive watches. A watch should be regulated in three important positions: Crown Down, Dial Up and 12’Oclock Down. The fact that the eta 2824-2 has a very high beat, the accuracy can be guaranteed if regulated closely in these three positions. The higher the beat, the more accurate a watch is so it is not necessary to regulate in any more positions.

Regulating Mechanical Watches Eta 2824-2 Automatic Watch Movement

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  1. My first experience dealing with this fine watchmaker was fantastic. The care extended to the customer is first class and the attention to the fine details in assembling my new watch was excellent. My new watch looks great!

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