douche.gifNot quite sure who this guy is or why he matters, but 121Time seems to be getting their money’s worth out of him. He seems to be some sort of musician, so if you’re in Crans Montana, hit him up. The watches, on the other hand, look pretty hot.

Product Page [121Time]

By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

17 thoughts on “121TIME’s Stephane Lambiel DIY Watches”
  1. yeah, his name is stephane lambiel, and he designed the watch. he is famous for his spins, which is why the watch line is called “spinmaster”

  2. oh my god i can’t believe it..
    get informed!

  3. Unreal, some “guy.. sort of musician”.. outrageous… scandalous… unreal… everyone knows Stephane… he’s an all time European favorite skater… heck, even in Japan he’s unimaginably popular.. 🙂 what idiot wrote this review?

  4. There is nothing worse than stupidity.
    Get some info first next time.
    Stephane is closest to what one would call art in motion. That’s why he matters.

  5. Stephane ….Figure Skater and designs jewelry? Gay. He is trying to hard to look straight, like so many figure skaters try. Mellow out. Just be yourself Stephane! It is almost 2010 not 1950.

  6. Shockingly enough, not everyone knows this guy. I had no idea who he was until this year’s Olympics. So… why don’t you guys chill out with the silliness on that? Because, really, unless you follow the sport closely, you are NOT going to know who most of these guys are.

  7. Tabby

    The reason for the outcry is that in this wonderful modern age we have an excellent tool for research. Its called GOOGLE!

    Lazy review, badly written.

  8. @Marcel
    You must be really narrow-minded and prejudiced. I’ll surprise you – not all male figure skaters are gay. If you are one of those who think that figure skating is gay sports, because it looks beautiful and figure skaters are dressed in pretty and shiny costumes, then I’ll tell you – despite looking so beautiful, figure skating is very tough and physically (also emotionally) demanding. It takes a lot of hard work and stamina. Only real men and strong women (and actually that doesn’t matter gay/lesbian or heterosexual) can achieve something in this sports.

    As for “jewelry” – this is not jewelry, these are watches. Again, a surprise for you – heterosexual men wear watches. Then why couldn’t they design them?

    And actually he is not trying very hard not to look gay. He is just being himself – dressing finely, but not in a way that is too posh, spending time with and showing affection openly both for men and women, and so on. Despite that, he is very private in everything that concerns his private life, so we simply can’t know if he’s heterosexual, gay or bisexual. What we know for sure is that he is a great figure skater, a true “artist on ice” (now an almost official title for him, as he received a figure skating award with that name designed especially for him some time ago).

    Or probably you just want Stephane Lambiel to be gay for some reason?

  9. @Anti-gay
    Why does he look gay to you? Too beautiful, hairdo too good? Well, yes, he is beautiful, but he doesn’t look like this in real life. Here he is, how to say it, “prettied up” a bit. In life he looks more “real”, more normal, not as an unnaturally beautiful wax figure like in this photo.

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