Azimuth BombardeerA new watch sale popped up on Touch of Modern for Azimuth Watches.  The site has three distinct and different designs for this Swiss watchmaker that does things… a little differently.  Touch of Modern is a member-only sales site, so if you are not already a member, you can sign up through this link.

The least expensive of the three styles is also the simplest, a Flieger-B style (above) with a Vintage Fontainemelon ST96 hand wound movement.  At 47mm, it is larger than most I see in this style, and Azimuth puts the crown at 9:00 (not my favorite position, especially for a hand wound movement).  The production run is limited to 500 pieces and a curved sapphire crystal adds a little extra visual interest to the piece.  It is being sold through the site for $1,599, a drop of over $600 from the retail price listed.

Azimuth Back In Time Blue Blast

The next least expensive watch is the Back In Time Blue Blast, a single hander that doubles down on confusing your friends by running counterclockwise.  Again, a sapphire crystal is up front, and the case is 42mm, so not quite as bold on the wrist.  It is an automatic, though neither ToM nor the Azimuth web site identifies the movement’s manufacture or model.  The chapter ring does provide handy 15, 30, and 45 minute markings within each hour, though I would need reading glasses to see them on the pretty blue dial.  This model is on sale for $1,699, a mark down of a little over $700.

Azimuth RRM Frost Gold

The real star here though, and what made me highlight this sale, is the RRM Frost, in Grey or Gold.  The regulateur watch also has a retrograde minute hand, driven by a modified ETA 2836-2/2824-2 movement.  I think that the central hand is a second hand and the hour sub dial is at 9:00, but I can’t really find much detailed information on the watch.  And bless ToM’s sweet heart, but they are not watch people, and the listing describes a retrograde hour hand, which most definitely is not the case.  The watch, in ether color, is available for $2,799, a discount of just over $1,000.  So none of these are cheap, but they are at least in a conceivable price range for interesting watches from a boutique brand.  The sales end on October 12 at noon Pacific.

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