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Recently released: Shinola Forged Carbon Monster

Over the past few years, I’ve been rather vocal of my support of Shinola, a brand that hails from the same part of the Mitten State that I grew up in. In addition to touring their factory, I’ve reviewed just about every watch collection that they’ve released (you can see those here). I was rather to see them introduce automatic movements with their Monster lineup (my favorite of the bunch is reviewed here), and now they’ve done something new for that lineup yet again, with the Shinola Forged Carbon Monster.

Romain Gauthier brings us Continuum

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This bold watch comes to us from a small but groundbreaking Swiss brand named after its founder, Romain Gauthier. The piece itself is pretty standard – three hands and a dream – but the fit and finish are striking. Want to know the weirdest/coolest thing? The whole thing is off-center.

Introducing the Oris Aquis GMT Whale Shark


We’ve seen brands release special edition watches for all manner of reasons. One of the best, in our opinion, is when they’re doing it to bring awareness (and funding) to a specific cause. Oris has done this most memorably for reef preservation (with the Carysfort editions), but now they’re turning their attention to another oceanic inhabitant with the Oris Aquis GMT Whale Shark.

Introducing the Panerai Platinumtech Luminor Marina


At first glance, you may not notice a whole lot that different about the recently-announced Panerai Platinumtech Luminor Marina. So, what do you think – is it just a new dial color? Something with the strap? No, friends, the answer is hiding in the name.

Introducing the Ball Engineer III Legend II


I have long been a fan of the watches Ball produces, primarily due to the use of tritium tubes. They stir up memories of the rolling light show that the dashboard of my dad’s car was in the mid-80s, and that along with the glow you get, well, scratches a particular itch. While I’ve long felt that the Fireman line was my favorite, I think I’ve come across a new favorite – the Ball Engineer III Legend II.

Introducing the JS Watch Co Islandus Dakota C-117

As I’ve said in the past, I seem to have a thing for watches that come out of smaller countries – Estonia, Sweden, and Iceland, to name a few. Iceland’s own JS Watch Co has taken a piece of their local history, and introduced a new watch that builds on that legend – the JS Watch Co Islandus Dakota C-117.

Introducing the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint


For whatever reason, Zenith watches have never really pinged that strongly on my radar. Sure, I’ve been aware of what they produced, but nothing has really caught my attention. That is, until the news of the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint landed in my inbox.

Introducing the Citizen Super Titanium Satellite Wave GPS


I have long had a fascination with watches that can sync themselves with signals (be it from land-based atomic clock radios, as my own watch does) or those that sync to the heavens (and GPS satellites) to keep themselves accurate – especially if they can power up via light. In other words, a watch that’s always accurate and always running. The Citizen Super Titanium Satellite Wave GPS has all of that – and just a bit more.

Introducing the Shinola Station Agent


If you know one thing about me (aside from my penchant for GMT watches), it’s that I’m a bit of a fanboy when it comes to watches from Shinola, since they’re built in my old hometown. Now, they’ve embraced the train history of Detroit with the Shinola Station Agent.

Did you see this Yema x Klokkeriet collaboration?

By now, you should be familiar with Yema, as we’ve written about a vast majority of their watches. You may be less familiar with Klokkeriet, a Norwegian watch enthusiast group on Facebook. Yema created a watch for them, and now the remaining pieces of the YEMA Speedgraf x Klokkeriet are available to the general public.