The BR 05 Artline Dragon watch is a masterpiece of watchmaking. Based on the standard Bell & Ross BR 05, the Artline, which is limited to 99 pieces, features and intricately carved face, case, and band all in honor of the Year of the Wood Dragon.

From the release:

While the Maison has built its reputation on producing efficient instrument watches designed for professionals, Bell & Ross has never held back from giving free rein to creativity. This is the BR 05 Artline’s mission: a unique variation within the BR 05 line allowing for a freer range of artistic expression. The Maison aims to offer watches with ornate finishes: an ambition clearly expressed in the version embellished with gadrooning. “We wanted to launch a watch that was dressy and decorated. The BR 05 had potential, with a case with ample space for embellishment”, Bell & Ross’ Creative Director Bruno Belamich noted at the launch of the first Artline model.

Now, Bell & Ross is going further. Part of the Maison’s philosophy is pushing one’s limits. The BR 05 Artline Dragon moves into a whole new field by adopting graphic codes linked to the art of tattooing. Playing on light and shadow through the relative fineness and thickness of each stroke, this line work is crucial to transcending the realm of drawing to that of a metal tattoo.

What is Bell & Ross?

Bell & Ross, a distinct name in the world of watchmaking, was founded in 1992 by Bruno Belamich (Bell) and Carlos A. Rosillo (Ross), in Paris. The brand quickly established its reputation through a clear focus: crafting timepieces specifically designed for professional aviators. Bell & Ross is renowned for its commitment to designing watches that are highly functional and perfectly suited for extreme conditions, which is evident in their motto, “function shapes form.” From the onset, they worked closely with pilots and military forces, ensuring that their watches met the stringent requirements of these professionals. A significant milestone in their history was the introduction of the BR01 collection in 2005, which took inspiration from aircraft cockpit instruments, featuring a distinctive square case and round dial. This design not only became iconic for Bell & Ross but also set a new aesthetic standard in watchmaking. Over the years, the company has continually blended vintage style with modern technology, expanding its reach beyond aviation to appeal to a wide range of watch enthusiasts who appreciate a combination of precision, durability, and distinctive design.

What is the Year of the Wood Dragon?

The Year of the Wood Dragon holds a unique place in the Chinese zodiac, a system that intertwines animal signs with elemental aspects. Falling every 60 years, the Wood Dragon year combines the ambitious and magnanimous qualities of the Dragon with the Wood element’s characteristics of growth, creativity, and persistence. In Chinese astrology, the Dragon is revered as a symbol of power, luck, and vitality, and is the only mythological creature in the zodiac. The addition of the Wood element is believed to temper the Dragon’s fiery nature with a sense of benevolence and ethical standards. People born in the Year of the Wood Dragon are often perceived as charismatic, innovative, and visionary leaders who can inspire and bring about change, with the Wood element enhancing their ability to communicate and connect with others. Culturally and historically, these years are often marked by a surge in creative endeavors and societal shifts, reflecting the dynamic energy of the Wood Dragon. The Year of the Wood Dragon is not just significant for those born under this sign, but it’s also seen as influential on a broader cultural and social level, often bringing about periods of transformation and progress.

The watch celebrates the Year of the Wood Dragon in specific and is a testament B&R’s dedication to design. This watch costs $7,900 and is available starting today.

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Last Update: January 10, 2024