COVID-19 is causing conferences to cancel all over the world. Baselworld is the latest to be cancelled. Some brands already chose to not participate, instead preferring to launch at their own events. For Bell & Ross, they’re going to be at Couture in Las Vegas, June 1-5.

Bell & Ross has two main collections, a vintage collection, and the BR03 square case watch. Here’s some of the things they’ve announced this year so far.

In the square case collection, there’s the BR03-92 Grey Lum.

It’s a nice 3 hander, in the same tradition as previous B&R watches. The dial is an anthracite sunray-brushed gray.

The Vintage collection has had a lot more additions to it so far, with a GMT, a 3-hander, and a two register chronograph.

And that’s a fine looking green 3 hander, the BR-V2-92. But what I really like here is the GMT. I do like that blue and gray bezel.

As you might expect, B&R uses a Swiss automatic for the movement in this 41mm case. It’s really sweet.

The BRV2-94 bronze Aeronavale chronograph is also pretty cool. The bezel is an anodized blue, and the gilt on ocean blue dial is a great match.

Baselworld was going to be a smaller show this year already. Some of the other brands had pulled out after the show last year, which made us skeptical that the show would continue to survive. We didn’t expect the show to be cancelled outright, which places a real burden on the brands who had made arrangements, and the show organizers as well. This is going to be a very interesting year for brand announcements.

The point is, B&R has some great things in their lineup, and have gotten off to a good start. Hopefully, they have a few more things coming this year. We’re looking forward to it.

ByVictor Marks

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